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Welcome to A Canada Immigrant’s Blog – undoubtedly the most widely recognized Canadian immigrants’ blog on the planet today.

Known for its original, pure, brutal and unmerciful opinion, often presented in a distinctively tongue-in-cheek format which, nevertheless, cuts through the usual Canadian Immigration ‘industrial’ fluff found elsewhere on the Internet and drills the message right through to the core target.

Read by everybody who matters in terms of Canadian immigration, immigrants at large, and a growing, thriving immigrant community – both in Canada and those waiting to be in Canada.

Not your Grandpa’s Immigration website!

That’s right. Unlike so many immigration “services” and “resources”  on the internet by funded-organizations, consultants, lawyers and other vested-interests out there, this is an independently genuine, and bona fide immigrant’s solo labour-of-love.  Managing a first-hand, authentic blog using his own personal resources to write / design / editorialize / host and sustain this website, right from the beginning when he arrived into Canada — all the way till todate.

About Your Canada Immigrant Blogger

  • ‘Landed immigrant’ in skilled worker class aka Permanent Resident aka Immigrant
  • Member of the so-called ‘Visible Minority’
  • Originally from the ‘third world’
  • Living in Toronto, Ontario

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“A cynic is what an idealist calls a realist.”
— Sir Humphrey Appleby (Yes, Minister – ‘The Moral Dimension’).

First Published: November 24th, 2008
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