Forget technology, science and medicine. CIC wants the best steam-fitters, pipe-fitters and gas-fitters on the planet to lead Canada into the 21st century.

Federal Skilled Trades ProgramThe new occupation list for the much anticipated Federal Skilled Trades Program reads like a – ahem – pipe dream of epic proportions. May be the conservatives were missing Richard Nixon’s plumbers (remember those?) After all, Stephen Harper has won a Nixon Award!

Immigrant workers will be paid 15% less wage than average pure Canadians, thanks to your Conservative Government’s new official discrimination rules

Subhuman immigrantsYou have to hand it to our esteemed Conservative far-right-wing MP Sir Jason Kenney and those who are enjoying the party in Ottawa.

I mean, he is almost single-handedly leading a devout, medieval-era crusade to rid Canada of the scum and heretics (those foreign-looking dirty buggers called Immigrants) that his pure Canadian constituents in Alberta have elected (and appointed) him to do.

How to gain up to 3 years of Canadian experience in a matter of hours. Our resident immigration expert’s revolutionary new treatment guarantees maximum results with no side effects.

How to get Canadian experience

This is the second part of our How to Succeed in Canada series of interviews with Dr Grey V Trayn, continuing from Part One.

Canada Immigrant Blog: Dr Trayn, what is meant by Canadian Experience and how important is it. Our readers specifically requested us to ask you that.

Dr Trayn: According to The Immigrant’s Glossary of Canadian Terms, Canadian Experience is defined as:

Life in Canada Made EasyAs a gawking new immigrant fresh off the boat, your first few months in Canada are bound to be full of wide-eyed excitement, bewilderment and surprises over so many new things. As you come to grips with the nitty-gritties of your new life, there are so many new terms and phrases which may confuse and befuddle your-preferred-sweet-deity out of you.

recession proof jobs

ADVISORY: With apologies to Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Jobbanks and the Human Resources Industry. No apologies to readers.

The recession and financial crisis have put tremendous pressure on the Canadian job market even for ‘real’ born-and-bred Canadians. Of course, for immigrants, that means ever more pressure to find employment and choosing a career when even during hunky-dory times they faced such scarcity of work — their high educational and professional backgrounds notwithstanding.

Permanent Resident CardI know two persons in this entire country, literally. One is a friend and the other is a sibling on the other side of the continent. In addition, two more people on my cellphone’s contact-list are really acquaintances with whom I have verbal speech once every 12 weeks or a dozen fortnights, whichever is less. When I left the mother-ship to beam up to Planet Canada, I had bid farewell to all my half-a-dozen friends and relatives there as well, for good. A couple of them I speak to once every six months. But that’s another story.

on-the-beach-again1This time the company went bankrupt! Hahaha… Out of the blue. No goodbyes, no farewells, just kaput! Haha…! I am too dumbfounded even to register the implications just yet. For, such is the hilarity of this excruciatingly ridiculous cycle.

The cruel dark comedy of errors in the life of A Canada Immigrant continues, dear readers. I am sure by the time this new development sinks in, I won’t even be smiling, let alone writing this blog. No longer any point in

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