The easiest way for immigrants to succeed in Canada is to start teaching other newcomers how to succeed in Canada, explains our Immigration Expert Dr Grey V Trayn

Success for Newcomers in Canada

This is part two of Dr Trayn’s bestselling How to Succeed in Canada series. For part one, see link below.

Canada Immigrant Blog’s very own Regulatored Immigration Consultant Extraordinaire, Dr Grey V. Trayn is no stranger to success. When he arrived in Canada 30 years ago, Canada was a different country: It was actually situated in Scandinavia.

So because of a progressive and human-friendly people who ruled Canada,

It’s that time of the year when successful Top Immigrants are given bank-sponsored Awards for buying bigger mortgages. And one doesn’t get more successful and top than me!

Most Successful Immigrant

As an unbiased, selfless leader of the immigrant community, it is my relentless mission to help newcomers and immigrants succeed here in Canada so that all of us can afford more expensive voice and data plans. Therefore, unlike last time, I have decided to give myself Canada Immigrant Blog’s prestigious Most Successful Immigrant Award. Here is an interview discussing my arrival, success and inspiration.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Congrats! Tell us your inspiring story. How did it all begin?

Conservative Superhero, Toughest Crime-Fighter, Whitest Knight in Shiniest Armour, Ultimate Defender of the Crown and the Supreme High Commander of Canada Citizenship Authority, His Royal Highness Prince Alexenoph talks to Dr Grey V Trayn*.

Chris Alexander - The Conservative Superhero

Dr. Grey V. Trayn: Your Majesty, we are humbled to have Your Worship speak to our blog’s audience. Thank you so much for your time.

Prince Alexenoph: My pleasure, Dr. Trayn.

Dr. Trayn: You are a rising superstar within the Conservative Party of Canada and its Thousand Year Reign to purify our superior nation from foreign barbaric cultures. You were chosen by

The right-wing crusade to witch-hunt Canadian citizenship gets even more medieval with a vengeful new commander imposing callous fear-mongering laws.

Fear of ImmigrantsI can only imagine the relief former Ultra-Conservative Minister of Immigration HRH Far-Right-Honourable Sir Jason Kenney1 must have felt as he escaped the daily ethnic stench of dealing with those “dirty funny-looking immigrants” and “barbarian hordes” invading from those “unpronounceable third-world stink-holes.”

Our new Conservative Lord and Master HRH Right-Honourable Far-Right-wing Minister Sir Chris Alexander1 is the fresh knight in shining Harper armoury to become the Orwellian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Why Toronto’s anti-immigrant mayor, the OLG and their Las Vegas friends are hell-bent on building a gigantic Casino, knowing full well who stands to get exploited the most by the dirty business?

Toronto Casino for ImmigrantsBefore my tirade begins, let’s get some facts straight: Toronto is an immigrant city, whether the Mayor likes it or not. More than 50% of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada. Some 47% of the population is what’s called “visible minority.” More than 60% of all immigrants in greater Toronto area live in metro Toronto. More than 65% of all immigrants to Ontario settle in greater Toronto area.

With virtually no opposition or objections, how a vengeful, far-rightwing Conservative government is ‘purifying’ Canada into an unwelcoming, hate-filled nation of the few and selected.

War on ImmigrantsA nation of the few, for the few, by the few. I imagine that’s how the banner must read at the monthly Conservative Cabinet meetings somewhere over the sprawling tar-sands mansions in Alberta. But more on that later.

Canada — the glorious and free country I immigrated to with a glowing heart — is being day-light robbed of its peaceful, tolerant, welcoming and kind-hearted persona that

Our immigration expert & consultant extraordinaire, Dr Grey V Trayn, explains how going to Canada is actually a lot easier than most potential immigrants realize.

How to Go to CanadaIn our continuing series of interviews with Dr Grey V Trayn, we sat down one beautifully cold day to talk about how potential immigrants deal with the basic logistics of settling in Canada the easy way — without requiring any brain power, pocket power or muscle power.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Dr Trayn, it’s so good to have you with us on this gloriously bone-chilling evening.

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