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I have enjoyed reading this blog. I was happy to see that this blogger is indeed rattling his cage. As an immigrant from the third world myself, I have faced similar feelings that CinniKull did and on some days felt a level of frustration that I did not think would ever end.

Perhaps behind my sense of agony about not ”succeeding” in Canada was my viewpoint which was shaped by my experiences thus far. In other words:

  1. An original culture where it sufficed to have the education to get by and do well in life. One had the right credentials in a society where so many were under-qualified.
  2. An original world, where I had the advantage of social stratification rather than the disadvantage.
  3. An education where creativity was not necessary for success. The playing field was not flat.

Remember it is easy to find work in the world, because capital is inherently exploitative. It is much harder to find roots and citizenship. In other words, lack of success isn’t because of accent, skin colour or the racism or prejudice of others, but because people haven’t adapted to the conditions and found a creative solution.

Unfortunately that’s just how it is. There is no spokesperson for immigrants, and the ones who are, as CinniKull so rightly pointed, are in it to make some money from the Canadian Government which is happy to finance ridiculous studies.

As voices continue to agitate, through the Internet and in other ways, change is bound to come — if only because Canada has to survive. In the meanwhile, let’s not focus on how it must be our skin colour or accent etc. Doing that only transfers power from yourself to others and drains you and others of the energy and creativity required to succeed and bring solutions rather than problems to the situation.

You are Canadian. Nothing can take that away. You have unique skills to offer this society.

First Published: December 8th, 2009


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