Football World Cup Final in Canada

World Cup is over at last. And as I write this entry, I can hear car horns blaring outside and people – read Italians – shouting and chanting. It’s bound to be a party night for them for sure.

I watched the World Cup Soccer Final on a local TV channel here, complete with an American commentary. I would like to re-emphasize that I watched the Final (and previous games) with an American-accented commentary.

This has been my first encounter with watching a football game with a North American English accent (not that I am a native English-English speaker, mind you, as English is my second language). It was a little weird. First it’s the very name of the game – pronounced Saakurr – as opposed to simply football or err… sokuh… or soccer…).

Having always watched the games with a heavy European- or British– accented commentators, it has been a refreshing, and a new experience. They were really good, and a bit less emotional than how usual football commentators are, you know.

Besides, I don’t even know what’s the point of this post. In any case, if you are here for some football fever that’s been gripping all Canadians, check this out for some color.

First Published: July 9th, 2006


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