Holy Backlog Backstab!

How immigration department’s incompetence will simply trash 284,000 skilled worker applications just because CIC can’t handle the workload!

Backlog Jason KenneyCitizenship & Immigration Canada, thanks to our hardworking, tireless far-right MP Mr Jason Kenney — the right(eous) honourable conservative Minister of Citizenship & Immigration — has decided that since they cannot handle so many applications for immigration, they will just throw away those applications!

There, you fixed your backlog… Bravo Minister!

That means that 284,000 potential immigrants, out of no fault of their own, will find their pre 27-02-2008 applications rejected without even getting a chance for their applications to be reviewed!

It’s like you’ve paid for a particular service (application review), but after years of waiting, and expecting, just to be reviewed — let alone being accepted as immigrant — you’re told that the people reviewing your application are just too slow, lazy and incompetent, so… sorry, here’s your money back. Now move along, nothing to see here!

Holy class-action lawsuits galore, Batman!

And to think that by simply paying back these hundreds of thousands of applicants, the CIC would just start afresh? Do they not realize that an entire army of lawyers must be rubbing their palms in glee?

By returning $130 million fees that it took from immigration applicants, the ministry is simply acknowledging a simple truth: they took the money for providing a service they arbitrarily decided not to perform out of sheer work-pressure!

Is this how a so-called professional government organization (a contradiction in terms, I realize) is run?

Can’t handle the workload? Shove it!

Behind the smokescreen of ‘changing’ labour market conditions (as if it stops changing just because there are new federal rules!), the immigration department is setting a very dangerous precedent.

Which is, that Canadian policies are not to be trusted, because if there’s too much work, we’ll simply change the policies.

And who cares about the applicants anyway

Oh yeah, and not to forget the applicants, whose dreams and aspirations were shattered by a callous, self-righteous and lazy administration.

Who cares about those dirty buggers, those filthy punters lining up ‘our’ shores, taking ‘our jobs’ away, anyway, eh?


First Published: April 2nd, 2012


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