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UPDATE 2:ttc subway stations

It’s official now. The new TTC subway extension has been given a go-ahead. As expected, high-brow car-driving suburbanites are already calling it a “huge expenditure” – as if everything else the government spends on is not a huge expense. Read my related “green transport joke” rant here.

Called the Spadina Subway Extension, the 8.6 kilometre line will have six new subway stations:

  • Sheppard West Station
  • Finch West Station
  • York University Station
  • Steeles West Station
  • Highway 407 Transitway Station (It will take more time to announce the name of this station than to arrive there – probably not, given the snail paced trains!)
  • Vaughan Corporate Centre Station (very ‘corporate’ sounding for rich Vaughan – nudge nudge, wink wink!)


A personal wishlist for the new TTC subway

Above is what the TTC plans to do. But as a rider myself, here are a few things I’d like to see. Feel free to add your own – who knows, someone might actually take notice!

1. Ability to pay for tickets and passes using Debit cards and Credit cards at all stations.

I mean, how sad it is that you can only buy monthly Metropasses with cards, and those too only at Finch, Kennedy, Kipling and Downsview (Debit cards) and Union, Dundas, Bloor-Yonge and Davisville (Credit Cards). What possibly could be the excuse for this apathy towards technology in this day and age?

2. Subway line between Sheppard-Yonge and Downsview.

What could be the reason not to link these two when they were building the “new” Sheppard Line ? Why does one have to go south all the way to Bloor then go west to St. George, then go north again to Downsview? And please, the connecting land routes defeat the purpose of “rapid transit” between these two stations.

3. Increased Frequency of Land Routes Connecting atleast two stations.

Enough said. Joke’s on the rider when he/she arrives via train only to be stuck for 20 minutes for a land connection!

4. And Err, The Speed of “the Rocket.”

I know this sounds ridiculous, but has anyone actually noticed that the “Rocket” travels rather slow… why?


New Toronto subway trains to-be look cool!

new ttc toronto subway train

Also checkout the new proposed colour schemes and more features.

ttc new subway colour schemes

There’s also a photosetof a real mock-up of the new TTC subway train on Flickr.

You can get more info by visiting the link in the beginning of this post, but here are some key features for the click-lazy:

  1. Exterior Blue Light
  2. Colour Contrasted Anti-microbial Stanchions
  3. Multi-purpose / Easier Access / Wheel-Chair Area
  4. Electronic Information Display System
  5. Active Route Map
  6. Full Length Open Train (Connecting passage allows car to car access)
  7. Passenger Alarm Intercom System
  8. Emergency Evacuation Ramp
  9. Safety Information Monitor
  10. Way-finding Coloured Floor Guide
  11. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  12. Interior Colour Scheme

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First Published: June 22nd, 2006


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