Time to think of leaving may be approaching

It’s been a while since I last posted.

Had to quit the hard-found job early last year (2007) because of some ridiculously exploitative conditions and additional duties (details too dark-humoured to share on the blog). Kept my hopes alive for the better, but it’s been almost a year since then and have not been able to get something that does a tiny bit of justice to my education, experience or qualification. Or am I being really naive?

Tried freelancing but the commute and low compensation outweighed any worthiness. Having no connections or network or friends, it is hard even to find someone who could even recognize the resume to an iota’s worth. The so called qualifications, which even to me, now seem not worth the paper they’re printed on. Never had such experience with under achievement.

The only people who have perfunctorily glanced through my beaten-to-death and “customized” resumes are the over-worked, cookie-cutter-resume reading “recruitment agents” at those big employment agencies that have more offices in GTA than Tim Hortons.

Am still being positive, though. It’s only going to be two years in Canada in a couple of months.

I mean, it’s not as if I’ve been here for five years: having happily earned my coveted “citizenship” and then looking for an opportunity in the Middle East. This is what I’ve been so generously advised by everyone, from the waiting-for-the-bus advisory-gentleman to a coffee-machine chat-partner at the former job.

I didn’t come to Canada to go elsewhere, but it appears that’s where I was terribly wrong to begin with.

Having burnt bridges in these two precious years at where I left my career at a certain position, I find it hard to even think about going back and knock on those familiar doors where I used be at the providing end. Never had life taught me to be grateful for what one has. And that leaves me – probably a logical result of failure – thankful and not bitter at all. I guess when one does not have anything to lose, one only reflects on the follies of one’s lost ego and laughs at one’s own vanity in the past.

But, not leaving just yet. Am going to stick it out some more!

Though the time of beginning to think about leaving is surely approaching fast. And believe me, it’s a sick feeling watching it approach at breakneck-speed.

First Published: February 20th, 2008


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