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Canada telecom

As blogged earlier, it’s no secret that Canada has one of the most expensive mobile / wireless / data services for a country of its economic class, if not the entire world. I attribute this sad fact to what I’ve begun calling The Great Canadian Telecom Cartel.

canada expensiveAs my Canadian experience grows with each passing day, I am becoming more and more aware of how expensive things here really are – in Ontario at least, where I live.

canada expensiveHere’s a retail annoyance for a newcomer like me. Nobody displays retail prices WITH taxes!

Now I never claimed to be a master arithmetician. In fact I am a horrible, horrible calculator. But I am sure there must be at least few other people out there like me. Think you’re a master, eh? What’s 15% of 3.48 dollars, quick, and don’t fumble with your change because it’s a long line behind you!

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