You know what’s wrong with Canadian employment when…

Take the following qualifications for a position with a big, huge company. Read it first ( I am not making these up, url given below):

Some required Qualifications include

  • Has excellent attendance and can handle responsibility.
  • Highly productive with minimal guidance or supervision.
  • Conscientiously and methodically approaches work. Sees tasks through to completion.
  • Strong work ethic. Uses time productively to accomplish work goals.
  • Committed to meeting quality standards.
  • Maintains focus on accomplishing desired results.
  • Has a solid understanding of the job and its duties and responsibilities.
  • Adheres to scheduling and attendance requirements.
  • Bondable
  • Brings energy, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude to the job.
  • Self-motivated. Thrives on doing a job well.
  • Has effective organizational skills. Keeps files and work area organized.
  • Pays attention to detail. Approaches work in a meticulous and thorough manner.
  • Demonstrates professionalism at all times.

Sounds like a perfect set of requirments for a CEO, right?

The job above, I’m not kidding, is for a Janitor. Now imagine what would be the qualifications for a simple desk job?

And here’s the original job posting.

This really goes on to show that there are indeed jobs available for qualified immigrants!

Vive la Canadian Dream!

First Published: June 3rd, 2006


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