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Awards for the rest of us.

Canada Immigrant AwardsDear readers, fellow immigrants, ladies and gentlemen. It is with great pleasure and a six-dollar TTC trip that I have the honour and privilege to announce the Annual Canada Immigrant Awards.

Ever since landing on the Canadian soil one fine early-afternoon a few years ago, I have seen, with immense pride, delight and frequently recurring cold and flu, the phenomenal achievements of my fellow Skilled Worker Class Landed Migrants from all corners of the world. We have converged here – all races, religions and languages – in this land of sweet maple syrup, stewed beaver tails and car-friendly neighbourhoods, to make a difference in the future of our new homeland: the Federal Parliamentary Democracy, the A Mari Usque Ad Mare Dominion of Canada.

Without further ado, let me announce the winning Top Canadian Immigrants!

Award categories, nominations and winners

Top 12 Canadian Immigrants

The nominations have been made by a select group of experts with first hand in-depth analytical knowledge in the field of Canadian Immigration, along with an influential group of federal and provincial committee members, plus business representatives of the lucrative Immigrant Market Industry.

And now… let the glory begin!

Best Career Demotion Award

The nominees are

  • Steffanie Jamel
  • Skye Bracaloni
  • Cordell Maccutcheon
Career Demotion Award

And the winner is
Skye Bracaloni

Fastest Bankruptcy after Arrival Award

The nominees are

  • Jina Honokaupu
  • Cedrick Jubran
  • Tonie Killoren
fastest bankruptcy

And the winner is
Jina Honokaupu

Most Failed Business Attempts Award

The nominees are

  • Santo Flautt
  • Tuan Cofran
  • Tammara Babson
most failed business award

And the winner is
Tuan Cofran

Fastest Early Exit Award

The nominees are

  • Hayden Eflin
  • Winford Paulic
  • Elodia Andrino
fastest early exit

And the winner is
Hayden Eflin

Most Unsuccessful Job Interviews Award

The nominees are

  • Incomstanti
  • Dahlia Mossing
  • Hosea Iacobelli
most unsuccesful job interviews

And the winner is
Dahlia Mossing

Most Unaccomplished PhD Award

The nominees are

  • Jacinto Ardella
  • Mcdunn Gabrel
  • Rainaldo Buer
Unaccomplished PhD

And the winner is
Rainaldo Buer

Highest Number of Welfare Newborns Production Award

The nominees are

  • Patri and Brino Harvley
  • Nina and Raj Bonwo
  • Karim and Riz Pegeron
welfare newborns

And the winners are
Patri and Brino Harvley

Most Culturally Shocked Family Award

  • Kattie Grzywacz and Family
  • Abu Marusiak and Family
  • Ardella Ondic and Family
most culturally shocked family

And the winner is
Abu Marusiak and Family

Best Useless Foreign Credentials Award

The nominees are

  • Jacinto Masupha
  • Filiberto Gabrel
  • Raina Buer
Useless credentials

And the winner is
Raina Buer

Best Engineer Turned Cabbie Award

The nominees are

  • Long Cossaboom
  • Santana Houghtelling
  • Felila
Engineer turned cab driver

And the winner is
Long Cossaboom

Best Surgeon Turned Hospital Guard Award

The nominees are

  • Trinity Mcdunn
  • Latorak Lasik
  • Hayden Lebaugh
Surgeon turned security guard award

And the winner is
Latorak Lasik

Best Finance Director Turned Cashier Award

The nominees are

  • Rachell Pegeron
  • Santana Houghtelling
  • Cordell Maccutcheon
Director turned cashier

And the winner is
Cordell Maccutcheon

And now, my heartiest felicitations and utmost gratitude to all the winners and runners up. We shall be back again next year with more categories and nominations.

So Girls and boys, it’s time to rest our laurels and party the night away!

First Published: January 20th, 2011


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