Who Should Immigrants Vote for?

If you’re a new immigrant citizen and not informed enough to know who to vote for, but wise enough to question1 why, here’s a quick primer from your sincerest friends

Canada Elections 2011First, a depressing caveat: With an openly racist and divisive Conservative Prime Minister fanning the flames of hatred, and a rising right-wing tide of chest-thumping bigots that’s gradually dumbing Canada down, I see larger Canadian mobs voting for Conservative Party again, so this post might as well not be written or do any good at all. You’ve been sadly forewarned.

And secondly, to answer the question: Ask not why you should not vote Conservative. Ask why are you so ill-informed or mistaken to even consider voting for a hateful right-wing loony (loony as in someone who belongs to a mental asylum, not our beloved loonie coin!)

KISS and Keep It Simple, Stupid: Choose love, not hate

So why should immigrants not vote Conservative? Apart from it being a no-brainer, it’s not the future for you or your children, period. If you do not wish to live in the past of colonial-style oppression & exploitation, don’t let any misleading Conservatives get you into their fancy-sounding semantics, ignorant reasonings or farcical plays on cynical ideology. Just pick up a dictionary!

Or better still, just listen to, ahem, informed bloggers!

So, if you want to be an ‘informed’ voter yourself, I’ll put it in the simplest, pre-school-grade, no-nonsense nutshell for you: War, racism, misogyny, intolerance, jingoism, fanaticism, anti-environmentalism, bigotry, exploitation, hate, xenophobia, anti-women ideology, big-business favouritism, fear-mongering paranoia and thinly veiled right-wing supremacy-driven self-righteousness are just some of the Conservative Party’s prized ‘qualities’.

Most importantly, don’t get influenced by someone close to your own community who has been turned to the dark side of oppressive right-wing fascism! Conservative philosophy appeals to the most ignorant, the most obstinate, the most manipulative, the most self-centred and the most hardline members of any human society, regardless of race, creed or belief. Evil runs across ethnic boundaries. So don’t be surprised to find that a friend or a relative is showing signs of that! Educate and SAVE THEM INSTEAD!

But never underestimate the power of human stupidity

Though I won’t be surprised if many immigrants vote Conservative out of sheer stupidity, selfishness and ignorance.

I mean, this is North America: we’re right next to the 800 pound Gorilla-nation USA where we see bizarre phenomena like Black Republicans, Jews for Jesus, ‘Creationists’, Climate-Change Deniers, etc, etc! So it’s so easy to be influenced by moronic ideological arguments which are presented as facts.

But even they learnt to be smart!

So can we!

Yes, anything is possible in this bizarro continent! But in case you’ve been undecided: make up your mind now… We don’t vote right-wing nutwings Tory. Period!

Keep Calm & Use Your Head

Newspapers always put on a show every election by trying to appear unbiased despite everyone knowing who they support.

I mean, do you really expect the New York Times to back George W Bush or Fox ‘News’ Channel to rally behind Obama or our own The Star to endorse any gun-wielding yee-haw from the prairies?

This website is not a newspaper or your grandpa’s traditional mainstream media. This is my blog. And my all-too-familiar biases aren’t hidden on this blog, to put it mildly.

When I had filed my application for immigration from my home town in the old country, there was a Liberal government in Canada. However, in a cruel joke or irony in my face, my application was approved by a Conservative government. For which, well… I’ll always be grateful.

You can say I’m here because of the conservatives in a twist of fate? But you’d be forgiven to say that because I’d have thought twice before applying for immigration in the first place if that were the case back then, seriously.

So thanks, Tories, but no thanks!

1 What you don’t know can’t possibly hurt you, or so goes the blissful anthem of the masses, right?

Note: To those who wonder why comments are off for this post, see this. Just doing my part to cut a little oxygen, that’s it :). Normal commenting resumes with other posts.

First Published: April 8th, 2011


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