Fear and Loathing in Ontario

By Subcontinental Blues

guilt by association

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For some new Canadians like myself, there’s an additional reason to live in constant apology, fear and loathing:

Guilt by association.

And bracing for the recurring media hate-fests, taunts and torments after events we have no control over.

No matter how non-religious, apolitical, non-ethnic, liberal, secular, agnostic, sceptical, atheistic we are, we cannot disassociate ourselves from the associative burden/baggage of our roots.

Who has the power to choose their roots or ancestry or ethnicity?

Yet with horror and shame, we see hell-bent idiots bearing names like we do, descending from places that we hail from, and adhering to the religion/faith of our ancestors and relatives.

The idiots keep coming back in the news with reports of yet another terrorist cell busted. Giving more idiots opportunity to come out of the woodwork and celebrate more journalism-sponsored hate-fests.

If someone so detached from religion like myself can feel it, I can only imagine that those who are practising members of religion must have it real tough.

All of us hope and wish this to be the last of it and that the law keeps catching them, and may the idiots never succeed in their plans.

But the more pessimistic of us fear what all of us wish never happens, when some undiscovered idiot really becomes successful in blowing up innocent people.

Remember that the law has to be successful in catching them every time. The idiots have to be successful only once.

A constant sword hanging over our heads. Bracing for the media sponsored hate-fests following the impact of some event which we have neither control over nor anything to do with.

Perpetual fear, shame, loathing and guilt – for no fault of our own.

First Published: August 27th, 2010


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