Regulating Immigration Consultants and Other Funny Jokes

Immigration ConsultantsThe Federal Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act is yet another example of genius ideas that could only originate from government committees and inter-departmental projects relying on expensive studies, funded ‘experts’ and fact finding missions to exotic locations – thus creating more work for each other and jobs for the boys.

Or may be it’s a psychological comedy play whose name cannot be uttered with a straight face: Cracking Up with Crooked Consultants – Act I… harharhar. Please!

Canadian Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council Proposals

According to the sales pitch which I think won the hearts and minds of folks at the Immigration Ministry, the Act “will allow law enforcement authorities to lay criminal charges against the so-called ‘ghost consultants,’ who prey on vulnerable would-be migrants but are off the officials’ radar” said The Star.

Fair enough. But perhaps some junior intern should have dared asking the stupid question during that presentation:

“Er… excuse me for asking this, but aren’t some of these would-be immigrant people supposed to be in, like, other countries, which are, like, NOT in Canada… like, the reason they’re called ‘immigrants’ in the first place?”

“Yes, but what is your point?” Sharply replied the slick suited, gel-haired, upwardly mobile ‘Immigration Consultant’ who had helped draft the bill after years of study and government funding.

“Shhh… support our troops…” Whispered a high-ranking official into the stupid intern’s ear and patted her hand patronisingly.

Indeed you silly newbie! I guess the junior intern was relieved of a precious summer internship.

May be our law enforcement agencies have a secret jurisdictional authority to lay criminal charges in other sovereign countries, after all.

“Support our troops!” Mumbled the stupid intern as she packed her stuff and left the parliament building.

First Published: August 2nd, 2010


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