So this is Canadian politics, eh?

Canada PoliticsThere’s nothing cheaper in this world than opinion on the internet. So here’s mine!

The Great Canadian Political Crisis As I See It

The Red Team’s score is tied-up with the Blue Team’s: 1-1. Game is about to finish in half an hour.

Then it starts raining. Everyone just knows that the Blue Team will lose because they never perform well in the rain.

The captain of the Blue Team walks over to the Referee and asks for the game to be stopped till it stops raining — so that his Blue Team can either win or at least keep the tied-up score.

The Referee agrees!

Everyone watching shrugs and says, “Bad weather, eh?”

Er, is there a problem with the scene above, or is it just the dumb newbie immigrant like me getting it all wrong?

Surely I’m missing ‘the big picture’, aren’t I?

My next expert opinion on Canadian politics will be on Albertans kicking the Quebecois to Kingdom Come.

Which begs another question: What business do I have, as a disenfranchised third-world wide-eyed gawker in Toronto, writing this post?

Too much time on one’s hand, when one’s on the beach.

First Published: December 6th, 2008


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