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ADVISORY: Proceed with a pinch of irony and generous dollops of self-inflicted paradoxical disdain. You’ve been warned. For the rest, there’s always The Job Finder.

newcomer employmentIf you aren’t already employed in Canada for more than 10 years, don’t get employed in Canada at all.

Go on and scratch your head at the above weird paradoxical tip, but you won’t get a more sincere tip than that from anyone. Here are the reasons why.

Canada snow footprintsThe snow builds up on the side-walks inch by inch. It’s soft, fluffy and when you step on it, your water-proof shoes leave a deep imprint. So perfect is the impression planted by the sole of your shoes that you cannot help but to try to turn around and see what is left behind. Your neck is stiff with the parka over your head, so you can’t look behind without turning your entire body around.

Having had the opportunity to work with and around Asia and Europe, I am surprised to discover how intensely ‘by the book’ and ‘to the letter’ Canadian society really is. Nowhere is this more visible and stark than in employment sector, which of course, I am experiencing first here.

Everything which is written on a list of ‘requirements’ and ‘pre-requisites’ is taken as a divine law. Even if you get the requirements ‘done’ in whichever way, as long as they’re met and approved. This is a great example of a great society of law abiding citizens. But, this is also a somewhat strange example of mass conformity, without having to do any individual judgment or initiative.

Take the following qualifications for a position with a big, huge company. Read it first ( I am not making these up, url given below):

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