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As a result of Israel‘s bombing of Lebanon, some 20,000 Canadian citizens are being evacuated from Beirut. The Star, the leading newspaper here, asked its readerswhether Ottawa is doing enough to evacuate Canadian citizens from Lebanon”.

I am neither a Canadian citizen (yet) nor from Lebanon, but I found the following answers particularly distressing interesting. Note that these are two replies out of 9, and that could make, unscientifically sampled, 22.2% percent of Canadians who feel that:

I wonder what makes one of Canada’s largest widely-read-mainstream-media-giant-newspaper-blah-etc like The Globe and Mail to invite instant reader comments as if it were a cheap-opinion discussion forum or a personal opinion blog (like this one, I admit!) and not an informed-opinion national newspaper.

Yup, it’s my first Canada Day in Canada…

This news item was just too good to resist posting about, eh?

Poll indicates most Americans don’t know Canada’s their biggest oil supplier

Why do I suddenly feel that some radar has started blinking down south, in order to promote liberty, freedom and democracy in Alberta very soon… he he he.

new ontario logoThings sure are picking up pace in terms of changing images here. After the proposed new Toronto subway trains, now the Ontario government has radically changed its logo – The Trillium, after the official flower – to an uber-modern looking one, turning it upside down.

If you’re a U.S. citizen, do visit this and make your voices heard before it is too late. If you’re among the rest of us, support it because what happens in the US may very well spill over the entire world – for US business models are the bibles for the rest of corporate-wanna-bes everywhere.

Long blissfully unoccupied with racial, religious tensions, Canadian blogosphere and popular mainstream media is teeming with bitter, contemptuous posts and articles since the terrust arrests.

Conservatives and supremacists are shouting “told you so/wake up!”. Liberals and pacifists retort that it happened because of Canada’s new interventionist foreign policy.

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