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Yup, it’s my first Canada Day in Canada…

new ontario logoThings sure are picking up pace in terms of changing images here. After the proposed new Toronto subway trains, now the Ontario government has radically changed its logo – The Trillium, after the official flower – to an uber-modern looking one, turning it upside down.

UPDATE 2:ttc subway stations

It’s official now. The new TTC subway extension has been given a go-ahead. As expected, high-brow car-driving suburbanites are already calling it a “huge expenditure” – as if everything else the government spends on is not a huge expense. Read my related “green transport joke” rant here.

If anyone doubted me for mentioning it again and again during conversations, or if someone thought I was justifying my being there, or if someone had a snarky retort like “of course you’d find it nice in the beginning”…

To all of the above: Here’s an informal poll by Readers’ Digest which places Toronto as the Third Most Courteous City in the world. I’m sure the Greater Toronto Area also qualifies.

Edit: Spoken too soon, it is hot and sunny today.

It is 4th of June (sweltering hot in some parts of the world). And following is the weather forecast for the coming week here in Toronto and areas.

Some commenters on The Globe and Mail have expertly hinted (or shyly touched upon, since it is quite politically incorrect, I’ll say) that immigration might be, just a little, to some extent, by the way, to a degree, itsy bitsy, responsible for the terrust attacks that didn’t actually take place.

ikea canadaThe news of terrusts found in Canada is disturbing. Even more disturbing is the fact that Swedish giant IKEA was not even named a suspect, as clearly implicated through this picture with the story.

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