Financial Crisis

canada financial crisisAs with most ill-informed laymen, I often mistake my familiarity with something to be knowledge.

However, unlike those poor ill-informed sods, I do have the honour and privilege of personally getting some of the most brilliant first-hand insights and informed opinion on these financial crisis.

And that means I should brace myself for what seems to be an impending recession, should all the bailouts, injections and confidence building measures fail.

My reaction, admittedly, should be of panic. After all, someone lacking resources, friends, networking, career prospects and social circle ought to be looking for the first plane out of this debt-driven US-linked economy and head straight to some place where the weather is good to spend the rest of his life under a banyan tree – had I not shut doors myself to those places by being here. Yes, my reaction should be of utter despair.

But I’m oddly impassive. Oddly dazed. Oddly immobilized.

Oh, Canada! What hast thou done to me.

First Published: October 19th, 2008


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