Do ‘We’ Need More Immigrants?

stop immigrationAt first I thought I was reading some lunatic bigot’s blog post and its comments by someone feeling genetically superior in, say, Alberta or Manitoba, or some ultra right-wing racist/xenophobic trash like the National Post or Toronto Sun. But then I realized I don’t read those and rubbed my eyes to see that it was indeed The Toronto Star.

The story is titled Economy will need more immigrants. But what I find the most interesting, as always, are the reader comments to that. Nothing brings people out of their woods and closets like the reader comments section!

(Oops, kind and real Canadian reader Phill (from Alberta?) tells me to “stop the whining” and informs me that “the immigration door swings both ways” and suggests “going back is always a choice”. ME SORRY SIR… ME BE NO BAD CANADIAN… ME BE GOOD, PROUD, OBEDIENT BOY, ME SWEAR… PLISS DONNA THROW ME ONNA BOAT BACK!)

Here are some of my favourite comments to the story:

The Economy needs more Immigrants
but do we?


Why do we need more immigrants? Lots of Canadians are out of work. The recession isn’t going to help any either. If we have more immigrants arrive, fine, but it would be nice if they could speak either of the 2 official languages so we can understand each other.

the side-bar synopsis is very self-flattering, but the principle reason we couldn’t get white immigrants anymore was because Europe got better and people didn’t want to leave. What is our economy going to be based on if the outside world looks better than Canada?

If the Conference Board wants more refugees admitted, will it please pay for their upkeep? It is we taxpayers who are picking the tab for them. Why? And look around the GTA and you will see what kind of refugee ghettos we have created. Canada can meet its labour needs by training Canadians. We have been foolish and indiscriminate in admitting the kind of people who will never fit cultrually and become a problem for us in the future. Let us learn from the experience of Europe.
Ask Canadians what they want, not a bunch of corporate shills!

so we’re 1.7 billion in debt .. many laid off workers in the manufacturing sector and many others yet to come.. I’m wondering why the heck is Canada so determined to let in even more people who don’t contribute to our Economy .. they mostly send their earnings back to their home country ! Wasn’t there a report a while back that we’ve “lost” a quarter-million people that are here illegally? Doesn’t 9/11 and the ensuing wars give us any idea that perhaps letting a quarter-million people in our country doing “temporary work” isn’t a good idea? The government can TRAIN the people who are unemployed to fill the jobs that are required!! Its a lot better than having the unemployed look aimlessly for anything that comes up in terms of a job. We should be curbing our immigration not expanding it, so that criminals and extremists aren’t permitted.

The immigration policies of the past decade or so seem to be a failure. There seems to have been a huge influx of individuals who head straight for the welfare teat, and who have no desire to assimilate. Quite the contrary – they self segregate and despise our society. Parts of our cities are becoming like the British and European “no go” zones where non-ethnic individuals are unwelcome and even unsafe. Further, the family unification policies, which permit the entry of elderly family members and any number of other relatives who will never contribute, and likely will become immediate dependents of the state are particularly stupid. Why do we need this class of immigrant? Yes to immigration, but only to the extent that it improves our country (not corporate profits).

Mass immigration is turning Canadian cities into very dangerous places. The constant murders,shootings,stabbings and beatings around the Lower Mainland are a testament to this fact. As an average middle aged,white monolingual English speaking Canadian (and I say it like that because that is the classification I come in under) nothing about multiculturalism has given me strength. I do not feel the same towards “Canada” as I did twenty or thirty years ago. I certainly could not aspire to being patriotic today the way I did then. Today there are serious problems with immigration in almost every European country and the U.S., it is ridiculous to suggest Canada is not experiencing the same. Do not expect to hear it from politicians they made the mess and will tell everyone to their last dying breath we are united in our state of official division.

This article is absolutely ridiculous, Canada doesn ?t need more immigrants Canada needs more families to produce more children. Instead of bringing in more immigrants why don’t we focus on making it easier for Canadian families to produce more children? If we were to accomplish this then we would have more children to replace the aging baby boomers, and these children would know the Canadian culture and respect its laws. Many new immigrants don’t understand our laws which creates a problem in certain areas such as law enforcement social housing, welfare, health care. Many are working as cleaners, and security guards. I do agree that student visas should be increased and once completing school and receiving a job in there field of work then they should be able to receive a Canadian citizenship. One of the many problems the Trudeau years have done to this country. We need to totaly change our immigration policy.

First Published: October 26th, 2008


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