Ontario Election: Phew, That was Close!

In Canada, Ontario is one of the last few places left (pun so intended!) where people are still using their own brains. But like my fellow immigrants, the rising righwing tide is converting them fast too.

That was close!A subdued Hurrah! Ontario Libs dangerously live to see another term.

But the right-wing oxymoronic “Progressive Conservatives” (how can you even say that with a straight face?) managed to gain a whopping 11+ seats nevertheless.

Though the Liberals have won narrowly in these Ontarian Elections of 2011, the great 21st century dumbing down of the province continues relentlessly, and is as widespread as fresh gawking immigrants just like me stepping off the boats with wide-eyed glee and wonderful dreams about Canada, but clueless and stupid when it comes to knowing who their future leaders should be.

The Idiotic “Clear Signal” Brigade

Everyone’s harping on the fact that since the Grits gained so narrowly, this clearly means people have sent a ‘clear signal’ that the traditional Liberal policies are no good. Period. This will, sadly, now force the Libs to do excatly what they should not be doing!

And considering that most of their next term will be spent on clutching on to power rather than continuing their ‘no good policies’, it seems Ontario’s worst Left nightmares are only about to begin.

The Misguided “Values” Brigade

And I — as a voting immigrant — am very, very concerned that this onslaught of right-wing, Orwellian sounding “Progressive Conservative” values — disguised cleverly as immigrant-friendly values — continues to turn hordes and hordes of gullible but voting immigrant communities to the Right.

As I’ve said before and will say again: The Left had better start teaching immigrants what Left stands for or be left out in New Canada!

First Published: October 7th, 2011


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