The Stupid Immigrant

After watching bizarre phenomena like Hostages for Kidnappers (Stockholm Syndrome, et al)… or Persecuted for the Prosecutors (Jews for Jesus, et al)… or Slaves for the Masters (House Negroes, et al)… we are all witnessing, with horror, an absurd Canadian spectacle: Immigrants & Ethnics for Conservative Party (Canada’s weirdest claim to pride and joy!)

Stupid Conservative ImmigrantLet’s stop kidding ourselves: We now have a New Dumb Canadian reality, all because of my fellow immigrants and minority citizens.

My sincerest apologies, regrets and grief.

I never thought it’d be this simple for the right-wing dark side to gain so much traction in communities that should logically, ideologically, psychologically and common-sensibly be completely off limits to an anti-multicultural Con-Men’s Party whose prime base of support is the supremely racist Canadian National Lunatic Fringe!

I really am sorry. I am ashamed. I stand heartbroken and beaten in front of my fellow Canadians: I’ve tried to warn again and again, inform and sound alarm bells relentlessly, but apparently no immigrant reads this stupid idiot’s blog.

I am the stupid immigrant, in the end, for failing to recognise that.

Howdy Y’all to Canaduh!

Something has become increasingly plain and painful after a few recent elections (the last being the Federal Parliamentary Elections of 2011): How naive, clueless and gullible the immigrant community is and how easy it is to manipulate its vote.

Take the 905 Greater Toronto Area, for example. The right-wing Conservatives gained 18 seats in that region. 14 of which are more than 45 per cent immigrant. And those were thought to be completely un-winnable for the Conservatives.

What’s Left to Do?

To me as a small-capped liberal immigrant-citizen, the right-wing won those immigrants by carefully manipulating these misguided, ill-informed and yes, stupid communities with clever eye-candy “measures” to lure them: the Chinese Head Tax apology or cutting the immigrant landing fee, etc.

The Stupid Immigrant has spoken. The Left had better start listening or be left out in new Canada.

But more importantly, the Left had better start speaking the immigrants’ language!

First Published: May 6th, 2011


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