The Subhuman Immigrants

Immigrant workers will be paid 15% less wage than average pure Canadians, thanks to your Conservative Government’s new official discrimination rules

Subhuman immigrantsYou have to hand it to our esteemed Conservative far-right-wing MP Sir Jason Kenney and those who are enjoying the party in Ottawa.

I mean, he is almost single-handedly leading a devout, medieval-era crusade to rid Canada of the scum and heretics (those foreign-looking dirty buggers called Immigrants) that his pure Canadian constituents in Alberta have elected (and appointed) him to do.

He has already turned the CIC into an institution of near-religious self-righteousness: decreeing everything from trashing unopened immigration applications to making sure the immigrants are humbled and bowed into submission to the will of the King and the Country.

And what better way to do all that than by being the right(eous)-honourable Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism? George Orwell must be laughing his cynical ass off.

Creating the new official Second-Class citizenry

They don’t even try appearing fair to the rest of us. That’s the new Canada. Absolute shock and awe (a leaf taken straight out of Dick Cheney’s journals, perhaps?)

The Two-tiered Pay less wage model, as lambasted and reported by everyone from the workers to the human rights activists to the mainstream media, is clearly a new and improved attempt to create sub-citizen second class tier of workers with fewer rights and lower wages than true patriot lovers elsewhere in our great, ahem, home on native land.

How can anyone with a shred of conscience go with such a lunatic idea? And, by the way, who are these paid-less workers supposed to work for and serve if not Canadian employers and Canadians in the first place, to have deserved such disrespect?

You so ugly, you go work cheaply

To me, it appears simple as this: They must think that Canada needs to go back to the British Feudal Class culture. The rest is just smoke and mirrors citing ‘economic recovery’, ‘business sense’, ‘job creation’, etc, etc.

This legalized exploitation of migrant workers by the Conservative government is so laughably ridiculous, I wonder if worker advocacy/community groups, unions and members of the general public will actually take it seriously in this day and age.

Yo blue-eyed boy, you’re next too

Anyone who thinks the buck stops here should have their heads examined by a Federally appointed committee of hardworking conservative MPs of pure Canadian ancestry (and I mean circa BC 2000 here.) You know, by someone like another rising star from the Conservative circus, the famous Dame Eaton who wants bears not beavers.

Does anyone care? It’s not even about the migrant workers or the temporary labour.

What’s in jeopardy is the entire concept of a just, equitable society. It’s the thin end of the wedge. Where will this stop? Who’s next? What if they decide next that certain professionals deserve 15% less wages than average, regardless of whether they’re pure Canadian or migrant? What gives anyone any moral right unilaterally to decide on these basic principles of living and sharing in a civilized society?

So don’t be fooled. It’s not just sub-human immigrants, my beloved First-Class pure Canadian land-sharers. It’s the very foulness of big business self-interest. And I fear, soon no one will be spared.

First Published: May 26th, 2012


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