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If there’s one thing here in Toronto, Ontario which makes toiling through its winters bearable, it’s the arrival of the summer, the season of summer and the return of summer.

Let me say it again if you’re missing the subtle point here: Summers here are what makes the winters bearable. Period.

It is indeed hard to believe, when one looks at the cityscape in summers, that just a few weeks ago, everything was covered deep in snow, ice and all that the winter leaves behind. It is really an experience for someone not used to all this during the better part of his previous life.

So beautiful is this change of season, even a cynic like me who has little to celebrate except his prolonging stay on the beach, can step out on the street, smell a deep, satisfying breath, and tell himself what a glorious day it is.

The colours shine brighter than bright, the fragrances follow you lingering everywhere, the soft breeze flirts with you at every corner as you walk in and about town. The sun fills your face with a bright glow — well enough to last another winter — a tan you’ll don as a well-earned medal.

The landscapers are out in full force, like a battalion of soldiers marching forward on command, armed with their noisy gear and incessant chatter.

The children appear out of nowhere to populate parks, gardens and all that had been vacant under a thick, repelling sheet of snow. The teens are frolicking in groups like herds of aimless livestock.

Old couples walk briskly. Young couples are strolling snugly with a lilting, lifting laughter.

Women are prettier than ever and a treat to watch, adorning their best summer knick-knacks in a season that deserves it to the fullest.

Yup, for the agnostics, ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

Cheers, and a Happy, Healthy, Hearty Summer!

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First Published: April 19th, 2009


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