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Little things that bring big satisfaction in Canada – IV

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Lost and Found

The cute Chinese girl turns around and looks worried about her lost one in the crowd of hundreds thronging the Harbourfront public concert. People jostle around her, but then she spots him and waves frantically. Yes, yes, he’s coming… her tall African partner just got held up buying a Hummus platter from the Lebanese stall. She breathes a little relaxed and a beautiful smile returns to her face.

Wisdom of Age

The passionate Italian barber talks incessantly while ironing strands of hair of an Irish grandmother whose grandson has just graduated from high school and is now dating a Cuban, she says. Young girls today are too tacky and lack ladylike personality, she regrets. The barber laughs and tells a story about his own son who’s married to a very aggressive Filipino. Both the barber and the grandma smile and shake their heads… young people today!

Little League

The Nordic blonde beauty hurries into the subway car pulling grocery bags in one arm and a 3-year-old son clinging to her other arm. The toddler promptly lets go of her and scoots off inspecting the shiny metallic train, hitting and banging into strangers who awkwardly make way and smile at the inquisitive kid. The mother hails him by his name, he refuses to listen, so she asks her Pakistani hubby who has to obey the wife’s command of fetching the offspring back.

And I was like…

A group of noisy teenagers queue up to get inside a weirdly decorated store (which I haven’t for the life of me figured out what on earth it sells.) All of them are talking to each other but their eyes are fixed on their smartphones and their fingers are tapping or scrolling whoknows what. No two teens are alike — I try to guess Baltic, Latin, Indian, Iranian, Caribbean, Arabian, Korean and European — though all speaking in the same Canadian teenage language: “And he was like… and she was like… and I was like.”

As randomly witnessed and documented in the world’s most multicultural metropolitan area — Toronto — by your intrepid Canada Immigrant Blogger.

Stay tuned for more!

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First Published: December 25th, 2012


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