The Most Successful Immigrant

It’s that time of the year when successful Top Immigrants are given bank-sponsored Awards for buying bigger mortgages. And one doesn’t get more successful and top than me!

Most Successful Immigrant

As an unbiased, selfless leader of the immigrant community, it is my relentless mission to help newcomers and immigrants succeed here in Canada so that all of us can afford more expensive voice and data plans. Therefore, unlike last time, I have decided to give myself Canada Immigrant Blog’s prestigious Most Successful Immigrant Award. Here is an interview discussing my arrival, success and inspiration.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Congrats! Tell us your inspiring story. How did it all begin?

Me: I came to Canada with nothing in my hands… because I had forgotten my carry-on luggage back on the plane. It took an Air Canada stewardess almost two hours to locate it.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: After you arrived, what was the first difficulty you faced entering the Canadian life?

Me: While I was standing alone wide-eyed on the Canadian soil for the first time, I realized I had no Canadian coins to get myself a luggage cart! I looked around helplessly near the trolley line, desperately watching people come, deposit their loonies and toonies into the slot and getting themselves fast and convenient trolleys for their bags.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: How did you manage through that time?

Me: It was a lonely and depressing period for me. But I saw happiness all around me… you know, people smiling and jostling about with their loved ones, getting the carts that they wanted and triumphantly proceeding to the baggage claim area.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: During your initial struggles, how did you cope with all the stress?

Me: I stayed positive! I told myself not to give in to despair. After all, all I needed was a lousy toonie so that I could recount my first successful story for an interview like this years later.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Did you go to any person, service, consultant, organization or group that helps new immigrants with their settlement?

Me: Yes, I was getting a little disoriented when I received a shoulder tap. I turned around to find the most beautiful smiling face in the world: The Air Canada stewardess had returned with my carry-on bag! I could not believe my luck. I was so glad to see her that I hugged her with sheer joy while people all around us clapped and cheered. It was magical.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: How did you manage to keep a balance between struggling and personal life?

Me: I read in the glossy immigration brochure that one should always take initiatives! And I was so happy to see the stewardess that I offered to buy her a cup of coffee at the romantic Airport Cafe near the Customs Area. To my surprise and delight, she accepted!

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Did you have a mentor who guided you through your initial years?

Me: The stewardess and I dated for a while and she taught me many things – both Canadian and not-so-Canadian.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: What lessons have you learnt along the way?

Me: Well, she dumped me after a few months for a rich investor immigrant who had come from the Middle East or Hong Kong, I don’t exactly remember. He was loaded with a lot of cash. I learnt another valuable lesson that time: No money, no honey.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: What advice do you have for Canadian immigrants — new or old — who look up to you as a role model?

Me: Always fly Air Canada, and remember to carry your hand baggage with you!

First Published: May 27th, 2014


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