The Selfish Immigrant

Survey shows how short-sighted and self-centred immigrants with ‘conservative values’ want it all for themselves!

Selfish Conservative ImmigrantMaintaining and increasing high immigration and population levels is a no-brainer solution for long-term economic growth in Canada. This has been well studied and documented.

Every sizeable developed economy that is also well-populated tends to be economically stronger. It achieves greater living standards and benefits for all of its citizens. On the other hand, a developed country with older or declining population almost always lands into a stagnant economy with declining living standards in the long run.

Maintaining high immigration levels is the solution if Canada is to continue being a ‘developed’ country amongst other nations – or else, alternatively getting all women pregnant en masse at gun point starting next Friday.

But there’s a growing lunatic opposing pattern appearing across Canada, thanks to my fellow immigrants.

Rise of the self-centred, right-wing conservative immigrant communities!

According to a study by the Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP) (pdf) and reports, it’s the recent newcomers who don’t want high immigration levels!

Yes, you read it right. These are not your average myopic xenophobes or bigoted right-wing crackpots.

These are immigrants like you and me!

The ugly side of right-wing-sponsored political polarization is winning both the traditional lunatic fringe and their new-found stupid newcomer partner darlings. It is something that has so divided the immigrant communities across the nation – as all elections have consistently shown.

Though I can appreciate that it is juvenile human nature for 8-9 year olds to be self-serving and selfish rather than looking at the larger beneficial picture, how can someone adult with any shred of conscience possibly think like that?

Lunatics running the asylum

I wonder if it’s the recent economic downturn — which plunged the larger Canadian mainstream politics into Right-nutwing conservative camps — has also completely wiped any common sensibility off my fellow immigrants’ heads, and thus turning them into mindless blinkers.

Immigration is the reason we are all here. Immigration is the only way Canada can continue to fuel its manpower demands for a foreseeable future. Immigration is the key towards a just, equal-opportunity and equitable society for all.

What on earth is wrong with immigrants?

First Published: November 18th, 2011


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