Newcomers: Cheap Right-Wing Fodder

How planeloads of gullible immigrants with bizarre “conservative values” are ending up in a constituency that despises them the most. Now a book addresses that too.

immigrants going conservativeAs I’ve been saying since forever, imagine hordes and hordes of my fellow wide-eyed, gawky newbies from poorer countries with so-called conservative values arriving on the Canadian soil…

They look around, find themselves welcomed cheek-to-cheek, by a smiling fat Big Blue Tory guy (who might even look ethnically familiar), exchange a few pleasantries in which he sings the virtues of the Conservatives, deplores the tree-hugging, soft-hearted, “socialist” pinko wimp lefties, offers the newbies nice tall promises of milk and honey, shows them smoke-and-mirrors menial immigrant-type jobs, and Bob’s your uncle!

Sounds too fantastic? Think again.

Well, for one thing, I’ve been beating my naive drums not so subtly all along.

From the 2011 election when I tried to warn but failed to my own grievances and miseries highlighting the stupidity of fellow newbies… to decrying the ridiculous short-sightedness of my fellow migrants… to my profound sadness over Toronto’s migrant-induced dumbing down during Mayoral elections… to my myriad laments of fellow newcomers delivering Ontario to the Dark Sideto me mourning a war on immigrants by the very Orwellian right-wing “Immigration Minister” himself… to me frustrating over things which are giving our new home Canada a bad name… etc, etc… are all too familiar to my readers, who, I hope, also see the imminent storm brewing up on the Tory front.

And now, a new book called The Big Shift, by Ipsos Reid Public Affairs CEO Darrell Bricker, discusses most of that it seems.

It’s being reported to talk about how the Canadian society — which I’ve long seen as a shining example of progressive, compassionate liberal values is… well, to put it less bluntly… dumbing down, and becoming a callous, hardline fanatical warmongering lunacy that is more associated with the 800-pound Gorilla south of the border.

All thanks, in huge part, to the stupid fellow immigrant communities who are too dumb, too juvenile and immaturely selfish to see how they are cutting their own long term lifelines.

While the Red, Orange and Green Intellectual Leftist elite is in-fighting amongst itself for the soul of Canada, it’s the Big Blue Right-wing Idiot who is going to steal the new multicultural nation right under their noses.

But there’s a delicious irony in all of this too!

The Canadian National Lunatic Fringe… you know, your die-hard right-wing base of the Conservatives — the white knights in shining armour — the unrepentant xenophobic racist loonies in this case, seem ironically destined to end up sharing party ranks with the same smelly dark-skinned ni%@#$ers, chi%@#$ks, rag%@#$eads, mu%@#$ims, and j%@#$s that they are electing their beloved dear leaders and “multiculturalism” ministers to rid Canada of!

How’s that for poetic justice, ha!

To my fellow immigrants, I can only say this: Don’t be stupid, period. Appreciate the human true values before letting anyone with their brand of self-righeous ‘conservative values’ fool you! True conservative values need not be so idiotic!

But then again, being a cynic, I’m not holding my breath hoping for my fellow migrants to appreciate reality. Because as in the immortal words of Forrest Gump: stupid is as stupid does.

First Published: March 10th, 2013


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