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Our immigration expert & consultant extraordinaire, Dr Grey V Trayn, explains how going to Canada is actually a lot easier than most potential immigrants realize.

How to Go to CanadaIn our continuing series of interviews with Dr Grey V Trayn, we sat down one beautifully cold day to talk about how potential immigrants deal with the basic logistics of settling in Canada the easy way — without requiring any brain power, pocket power or muscle power.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Dr Trayn, it’s so good to have you with us on this gloriously bone-chilling evening.

Dr Trayn: Yes, now get on with it.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Right. So tell us about the initial steps anyone must undertake when he or she is contemplating going to Canada, or thinking of permanently settling in Canada from some other country.

Dr Trayn: Write a letter to the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism, Right-honourable Sir Jason Kenney, MP, KBE, CBE, OBE, MBE (Kenney is out, new one to be updated), The Supreme High Commander of Canada Immigration & Citizenship Authority, His Royal Highness Prince Alexenoph, 1 Wellington St, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6, Canada.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Can you recommend any templates for the letter?

Dr Trayn: Yes, my firm has produced an effective template for such letters, which you can get online for only $29.99 (13% HST, non-Ontario residents add VAT or GST as applicable) or you could just write one on your own.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Brilliant! What happens after we send the letter?

Dr Trayn: After the potential immigrant sends the letter, he or she should start selling their properties and assets as soon as possible. Also, any of their employment or business must be terminated within a week of sending the letter. Delaying this can result in serious problems later on.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: That is true, so many people find that step the most time-consuming, especially resigning from your job selling your existing business, etc.

Dr Trayn: Exactly. The reply from Canada will take only four to six weeks, during which the potential immigrant must be prepared to do a lot of running around, getting things done, etc. All the money has to be properly deposited into banks, one must find temporary staying place, preferably in a hotel.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: That means the reply-to address on the letter must be the new temporary address, right?

Dr Trayn: Yes! That’s a very good point. The immigrants should either buy a temporary Post Office Box, or clearly specify the address where they will receive the reply!

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Excellent advice! So, what happens when the reply arrives from Ottawa?

Dr Trayn: The reply will not be just a simple reply. It will be a big Reply Package. It will contain, among other things:

  • A Welcome Letter from Citizenship & Immigration Canada, congratulating the immigrant on deciding to immigrate to Canada.
  • Certificates of Immigration, one for each of the immigrant’s family member, signed by the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism, the Prime Minister, and if the immigrant hails from a British Commonwealth country, the Governor General of Canada (who represents The Queen of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.)
  • Complementary Family Class Air Tickets from Air Canada (or connecting airlines if Air Canada does not serve the immigrant’s country.)
  • Confirmation of Employment letter for the Principal Applicant, from one of Fortune 500 companies in Canada (if the immigrant has indicated willingness to be employed) OR Confirmation of Business Ownership letter from Industry Canada (if the immigrant has indicated willingness to start a business. This letter will have additional attachments, such as Approval of Business Grants letter from Department of Finance, etc.)
  • Certificate of Home Ownership from Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing (containing ownership papers of one complementary house, not bigger than three bedrooms, in a city of immigrant’s choice.)
  • Permanent Resident Card, Provincial Health Insurance Card (depending on the Province of immigrant’s choice), Driver’s Licence (or two years’ worth of Transit Passes for each member of the family, as applicable.)
  • Tax Exemption Certificate from Canada Revenue Agency (valid for three years.)
  • Confirmation of Admission & Prepaid Fees letters from relevant schools and colleges (for dependent children, if any.)
  • Etc.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: That’s a lot of new information in the Package to read in such a short period of time, isn’t it?

Dr Trayn: Yes, this is the reason why immigrants must be willing to work hard to go through all the contents of the Reply Package, including all certificates and letters before doing anything else. There’s a lot of information to process. The immigrants must be organized. It’s not going to be easy remembering all of it, so they must take notes.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Of course, while going through all the material that you will receive, one must appreciate so many things that Canada graciously provides the immigrants, right from the beginning, so that their settlement is painless. On the other hand, imagine all the hardwork required to read about those free things that immigrants will receive upon landing!

Dr Trayn: That’s what I always say to people who think immigrating is a piece of cake: It’s not!

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Yes, now we can see how moving to Canada has been made so easy by Citizenship & Immigration Canada. Immigrants may wrongly assume the process to be difficult, but it’s only because they don’t make use of all the good things they are entitled for once they land. Our readers will be very pleased to learn so much from this session. Thank you so much for you time, Dr Trayn.

Dr Trayn: Yeah.

If you’d like to ask Dr Grey V Trayn any question for our next session, you may do so in the comments below. Your comments may be monitored by Dr Trayn for quality assurance and training purposes.

Dr Grey V Trayn is the bestselling author of O Cana Duh: How to Succeed Through Simple Everyday Deceit, Clever Exploits and Unlimited Federal Grants. He is the founder and chairman of Settlement Canada Arrival Management Services (SCAMS), one of Canada’s largest government funded Certified Settlement Service Provider for newcomers and Immigrants.

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First Published: March 17th, 2013


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