canada healthcareIf you ever require a referral to a specialist, you first need to have a family doctor who could refer you to one. Fair enough.

However, I had no idea that getting yourself a family physician in Toronto, Ontario would be a task next to impossible – no, I think I’m being impolite here. Let me rephrase: it is impossible for someone new to get a family doctor here.

The questions often pile high on your mind as you prepare to retire for the day, then lie in your bed staring into nothingness.

You reflect upon what you have accomplished – which is little, and what made you begin this journey in the first place. You reminisce the time when you could conquer the world, when you had the world in the palm of your hand. When you were the stuff stars are made of.

Canada telecom

As blogged earlier, it’s no secret that Canada has one of the most expensive mobile / wireless / data services for a country of its economic class, if not the entire world. I attribute this sad fact to what I’ve begun calling The Great Canadian Telecom Cartel.

ttc torontoThe operators are downright rude, the collectors outright insulting, the communication overtly condescending, the unions with absolute impunity, the bigwigs holding politicians and judges in their back pocket, and the behaviour plain and simple: We don’t need you, you need us for protection. Period. So move along.

I guess the term ‘twist of fate’ holds some meaning afterall. In this case, had a series of twists a few weeks ago which resulted in the mornings looking brighter and more beautiful; evenings something to cherish and a smile returning to a face devoid of it for some time.

It’s been a while since I last posted.

Had to quit the hard-found job early last year (2007) because of some ridiculously exploitative conditions and additional duties (details too dark-humoured to share on the blog). Kept my hopes alive for the better, but it’s been almost a year since then and have not been able to get something that does a tiny bit of justice to my education, experience or qualification. Or am I being really naive?

A gutsy admission and attempt by Canadian mainstream media and a subject that is gladly no longer a taboo: this television documentary about “some disillusioned immigrants, and their struggle with poverty, rejection and shame.” Do watch:

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