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ADVISORY: With apologies to Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Jobbanks and the Human Resources Industry. No apologies to readers.

The recession and financial crisis have put tremendous pressure on the Canadian job market even for ‘real’ born-and-bred Canadians. Of course, for immigrants, that means ever more pressure to find employment and choosing a career when even during hunky-dory times they faced such scarcity of work — their high educational and professional backgrounds notwithstanding.

Little things that bring big satisfaction in Canada – I

toronto summer

This post is part of the Loving It series.

If there’s one thing here in Toronto, Ontario which makes toiling through its winters bearable, it’s the arrival of the summer, the season of summer and the return of summer.

Let me say it again if you’re missing the subtle point here: Summers here are what makes the winters bearable. Period.

It is indeed hard to believe, when one looks at the cityscape in summers, that just a few weeks ago, everything was covered deep in snow, ice and all that the winter leaves behind. It is really an experience for someone not used to all this during the better part of his previous life.

Permanent Resident CardI know two persons in this entire country, literally. One is a friend and the other is a sibling on the other side of the continent. In addition, two more people on my cellphone’s contact-list are really acquaintances with whom I have verbal speech once every 12 weeks or a dozen fortnights, whichever is less. When I left the mother-ship to beam up to Planet Canada, I had bid farewell to all my half-a-dozen friends and relatives there as well, for good. A couple of them I speak to once every six months. But that’s another story.

Canadian winterMuch is being made of the cold weather “alerts”, as they’re called here. These remind me of those almost-Orwellian efficiency ‘campaigns’ at government departments when suddenly saving a bunch of paper-clips becomes top priority just because a ‘green week’ is being celebrated — when it really should be standard practice.

But if braving Canadian winters (as blogged earlier) in a previous suburban neighbourhood seemed a little getting used to

on-the-beach-again1This time the company went bankrupt! Hahaha… Out of the blue. No goodbyes, no farewells, just kaput! Haha…! I am too dumbfounded even to register the implications just yet. For, such is the hilarity of this excruciatingly ridiculous cycle.

The cruel dark comedy of errors in the life of A Canada Immigrant continues, dear readers. I am sure by the time this new development sinks in, I won’t even be smiling, let alone writing this blog. No longer any point in

Canada PoliticsThere’s nothing cheaper in this world than opinion on the internet. So here’s mine!

The Great Canadian Political Crisis As I See It

The Red Team’s score is tied-up with the Blue Team’s: 1-1. Game is about to finish in half an hour.

Then it starts raining. Everyone just knows that the Blue Team will lose because they never perform well in the rain.

Idiot's Guide to Immigration Canada

ADVISORY: This is an idiot’s guide. For intellectually stimulating and heart-warming tales of triumph and achievement, please visit your nearest Canada Immigration Consultant.

As a free service to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, I have written an insider’s guide to the inner workings of an idle immigrant mind in Ontario. It will help the Ministry spend more money on government-funded programs for immigrants and will also add more glossy literature to put at the airports and Service Canada Centres nationwide,

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