World Cup is over at last. And as I write this entry, I can hear car horns blaring outside and people – read Italians – shouting and chanting. It’s bound to be a party night for them for sure.

I watched the World Cup Soccer Final on a local TV channel here, complete with an American commentary. I would like to re-emphasize that I watched the Final (and previous games) with an American-accented commentary.

I wonder what makes one of Canada’s largest widely-read-mainstream-media-giant-newspaper-blah-etc like The Globe and Mail to invite instant reader comments as if it were a cheap-opinion discussion forum or a personal opinion blog (like this one, I admit!) and not an informed-opinion national newspaper.

Yup, it’s my first Canada Day in Canada…

This news item was just too good to resist posting about, eh?

Poll indicates most Americans don’t know Canada’s their biggest oil supplier

Why do I suddenly feel that some radar has started blinking down south, in order to promote liberty, freedom and democracy in Alberta very soon… he he he.

According to The Monitor, a statistical publication by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, United States was ranked number one country sending foreign workers to Canada (2nd table below). In terms of Permanent Residents, however, China is the undisputed king, followed by India, Philippines and Pakistan (all four sending more than ten thousand new immigrants each.)

mississauga go transfer instructionsSigh. May be I’m getting too old for public transit, eh? Or may be it is indeed a little complicated?

I just wanted to know an easy way to get on a Mississauga bus and connect to a GO train.

new ontario logoThings sure are picking up pace in terms of changing images here. After the proposed new Toronto subway trains, now the Ontario government has radically changed its logo – The Trillium, after the official flower – to an uber-modern looking one, turning it upside down.

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