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How to get Canadian experience

This is the second part of our How to Succeed in Canada series of interviews with Dr Grey V Trayn, continuing from Part One.

Canada Immigrant Blog: Dr Trayn, what is meant by Canadian Experience and how important is it. Our readers specifically requested us to ask you that.

Dr Trayn: According to The Immigrant’s Glossary of Canadian Terms, Canadian Experience is defined as:

In Canada, Ontario is one of the last few places left (pun so intended!) where people are still using their own brains. But like my fellow immigrants, the rising righwing tide is converting them fast too.

That was close!A subdued Hurrah! Ontario Libs dangerously live to see another term.

But the right-wing oxymoronic “Progressive Conservatives” (how can you even say that with a straight face?) managed to gain a whopping 11+ seats nevertheless.

Though the Liberals have won narrowly in these Ontarian Elections of 2011, the great 21st century dumbing down of the province continues relentlessly,

Little things that bring big satisfaction in Canada – II

Loving It

This post is part of the Loving It series.
Inspired by uberblogger Zhu’s wonderful series of various knick-knacksy tidbits about the immigrant experience, I’ve decided to take off my cynical mask once in a while to write more about genuinely feel-good lovables being a Canuck. Yes, no attempted tongue-in-cheek, promise! Be kind, please.

Although I’ve seen blatantly racist incidents myself here, a few ignorant idiots will never, ever speak for what I’ve come to cherish about my new beloved home.

There are more magazines, seminars, books, consultants, programs, websites and experts for immigrants to become successful in Canada than there are successful immigrants in Canada. So here’s one more!

Secrets of Success for ImmigrantsAs you take your first step out on the Canadian soil, shaking snow off your boots and sneezing your first Canadian gesundheits, you must be wondering what every newcomer to Canada has wondered ever since the first settlers arrived at ‘our’ shores and collected their first native scalp:

After watching bizarre phenomena like Hostages for Kidnappers (Stockholm Syndrome, et al)… or Persecuted for the Prosecutors (Jews for Jesus, et al)… or Slaves for the Masters (House Negroes, et al)… we are all witnessing, with horror, an absurd Canadian spectacle: Immigrants & Ethnics for Conservative Party (Canada’s weirdest claim to pride and joy!)

Stupid Conservative ImmigrantLet’s stop kidding ourselves: We now have a New Dumb Canadian reality, all because of my fellow immigrants and minority citizens.

My sincerest apologies, regrets and grief.

I never thought it’d be this simple for the right-wing dark side to gain so much traction in communities that should logically, ideologically, psychologically and common-sensibly be completely off limits to an anti-multicultural Con-Men’s Party whose prime base of support is the supremely racist Canadian National Lunatic Fringe!

If you’re a new immigrant citizen and not informed enough to know who to vote for, but wise enough to question1 why, here’s a quick primer from your sincerest friends

Canada Elections 2011First, a depressing caveat: With an openly racist and divisive Conservative Prime Minister fanning the flames of hatred, and a rising right-wing tide of chest-thumping bigots that’s gradually dumbing Canada down, I see larger Canadian mobs voting for Conservative Party again, so this post might as well not be written or do any good at all. You’ve been sadly forewarned.

And secondly, to answer the question: Ask not why you should not vote Conservative. Ask why are you so ill-informed or mistaken to even consider voting for a hateful right-wing loony (loony as in someone who belongs to a mental asylum, not our beloved loonie coin!)

Awards for the rest of us.

Canada Immigrant AwardsDear readers, fellow immigrants, ladies and gentlemen. It is with great pleasure and a six-dollar TTC trip that I have the honour and privilege to announce the Annual Canada Immigrant Awards.

Ever since landing on the Canadian soil one fine early-afternoon a few years ago, I have seen, with immense pride, delight and frequently recurring cold and flu, the phenomenal achievements of my fellow Skilled Worker Class Landed Migrants from all corners of the world.

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