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In a fast changing industrial climate, provinces and cities should have more say in determining the right skilled workforce for their economies.

Citizenship and Immigration CanadaAlthough yours truly was invited to but missed attending, the recent unveiling of Ontario’s new Immigration Strategy has had me revisit what I’ve always wondered: Why most of the, if not all, Federal Skilled Workers Program framework not handed over to provinces in order to make it more granular, sharper and effective in terms of better qualified immigrant intake.

It’s the right-wing loonies’ favourite accusation. And their hatred for immigrants is not going to stop Canada from changing. But a loony’s aversion to change is strong and hellbent, if nothing else.

Immigrant in my soupI get my fair share of ‘feedback’ from self-appointed custodians and national representatives of the Canadian lunatic fringe here on Canada Immigrant Blog. And I’m not being ‘racist’ here. Because some angry loonies are brown, yellow and black like the rest of us: the confused lot of the immigrant minority (the bizarre phenomenon I’ve called The Stupid Immigrant before.)

The ultimate guide to understanding Canadian Insurance and why every self-respecting immigrant must earn more and more money to pay more and more premiums to feel more and more secure in their bankers’ hands.

Insurance for Immigrants

In this third part of our series with the Immigration consultant extraordinaire, Dr Grey V. Trayn, we discuss the great Insurance dreams of Canada, among other matters of fixed, variable and mutual interest.

Canada Immigrant Blog: Dr Trayn, Why is insurance considered so, so, so very important in a new immigrant’s life in Canada according to every bank-funded advertorial and flyer?

Immigrant workers will be paid 15% less wage than average pure Canadians, thanks to your Conservative Government’s new official discrimination rules

Subhuman immigrantsYou have to hand it to our esteemed Conservative far-right-wing MP Sir Jason Kenney and those who are enjoying the party in Ottawa.

I mean, he is almost single-handedly leading a devout, medieval-era crusade to rid Canada of the scum and heretics (those foreign-looking dirty buggers called Immigrants) that his pure Canadian constituents in Alberta have elected (and appointed) him to do.

How immigration department’s incompetence will simply trash 284,000 skilled worker applications just because CIC can’t handle the workload!

Backlog Jason KenneyCitizenship & Immigration Canada, thanks to our hardworking, tireless far-right MP Mr Jason Kenney — the right(eous) honourable conservative Minister of Citizenship & Immigration — has decided that since they cannot handle so many applications for immigration, they will just throw away those applications!

There, you fixed your backlog… Bravo Minister!

Survey shows how short-sighted and self-centred immigrants with ‘conservative values’ want it all for themselves!

Selfish Conservative ImmigrantMaintaining and increasing high immigration and population levels is a no-brainer solution for long-term economic growth in Canada. This has been well studied and documented.

Every sizeable developed economy that is also well-populated tends to be economically stronger. It achieves greater living standards and benefits for all of its citizens. On the other hand, a developed country with older or declining population almost always lands into a stagnant economy with declining living standards in the long run.

After watching bizarre phenomena like Hostages for Kidnappers (Stockholm Syndrome, et al)… or Persecuted for the Prosecutors (Jews for Jesus, et al)… or Slaves for the Masters (House Negroes, et al)… we are all witnessing, with horror, an absurd Canadian spectacle: Immigrants & Ethnics for Conservative Party (Canada’s weirdest claim to pride and joy!)

Stupid Conservative ImmigrantLet’s stop kidding ourselves: We now have a New Dumb Canadian reality, all because of my fellow immigrants and minority citizens.

My sincerest apologies, regrets and grief.

I never thought it’d be this simple for the right-wing dark side to gain so much traction in communities that should logically, ideologically, psychologically and common-sensibly be completely off limits to an anti-multicultural Con-Men’s Party whose prime base of support is the supremely racist Canadian National Lunatic Fringe!

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