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immigrate or not

This is a Guest Post where contributors write for A Canada Immigrant’s Blog.

A disciple asked his Zen master: “Shall I get married or not?”

“Whatever you choose you will regret it!”, answered the Zen master.

So the answer to our question would be the same.

But I have read something else – that’s the problem of being an avid reader, it’s difficult to come with something original and whatever I think it is original I might have read it somewhere and I forgot that I read it, but I digress so I’ll just start with a new sentence for a better impact.

canada immigrant guest post

This is a Guest Post where contributors write for A Canada Immigrant’s Blog.

I have enjoyed reading this blog. I was happy to see that this blogger is indeed rattling his cage. As an immigrant from the third world myself, I have faced similar feelings that CinniKull did and on some days felt a level of frustration that I did not think would ever end.

Perhaps behind my sense of agony about not ”succeeding” in Canada was my viewpoint which was shaped by my experiences thus far. In other words:

immigrant interview

Yours truly was approached by Ryerson University’s Brooke Wilkinson for an interview last December. Below I reproduce a script for my readers and public benefit, as it has not been publicly shared. All credit where its due while mistakes & omissions are mine.

By Brooke Wilkinson

Why did you want to leave your home country?

For a better life in a freer country.

Why did you decide to move to Toronto?

Because a family member lived here.

What family members or friends did you leave behind?

recession proof jobs

ADVISORY: With apologies to Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Jobbanks and the Human Resources Industry. No apologies to readers.

The recession and financial crisis have put tremendous pressure on the Canadian job market even for ‘real’ born-and-bred Canadians. Of course, for immigrants, that means ever more pressure to find employment and choosing a career when even during hunky-dory times they faced such scarcity of work — their high educational and professional backgrounds notwithstanding.

Idiot's Guide to Immigration Canada

ADVISORY: This is an idiot’s guide. For intellectually stimulating and heart-warming tales of triumph and achievement, please visit your nearest Canada Immigration Consultant.

As a free service to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, I have written an insider’s guide to the inner workings of an idle immigrant mind in Ontario. It will help the Ministry spend more money on government-funded programs for immigrants and will also add more glossy literature to put at the airports and Service Canada Centres nationwide,

welcome to canada

ADVISORY: The following literature is meant to be read and followed with a bagful of salt that is required to melt Canadian ice on a cold sidewalk. The Acceptable Use Policy is to be read while firmly pressing your tongue against your inner cheek. You’ve been warned.

So, you’ve been planning to immigrate to Canada for a long time and can’t wait to get your application rolling. Or, you have finally got your application approved and now are counting days to arrive into Canada.

stop immigrationAt first I thought I was reading some lunatic bigot’s blog post and its comments by someone feeling genetically superior in, say, Alberta or Manitoba, or some ultra right-wing racist/xenophobic trash like the National Post or Toronto Sun. But then I realized I don’t read those and rubbed my eyes to see that it was indeed The Toronto Star.

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