Our immigration expert & consultant extraordinaire, Dr Grey V Trayn, explains how going to Canada is actually a lot easier than most potential immigrants realize.

How to Go to CanadaIn our continuing series of interviews with Dr Grey V Trayn, we sat down one beautifully cold day to talk about how potential immigrants deal with the basic logistics of settling in Canada the easy way — without requiring any brain power, pocket power or muscle power.

CanadaImmigrantBlog: Dr Trayn, it’s so good to have you with us on this gloriously bone-chilling evening.

How planeloads of gullible immigrants with bizarre “conservative values” are ending up in a constituency that despises them the most. Now a book addresses that too.

immigrants going conservativeAs I’ve been saying since forever, imagine hordes and hordes of my fellow wide-eyed, gawky newbies from poorer countries with so-called conservative values arriving on the Canadian soil…

They look around, find themselves welcomed cheek-to-cheek, by a smiling fat Big Blue Tory guy (who might even look ethnically familiar), exchange a few pleasantries in which he sings the virtues of the Conservatives, deplores the tree-hugging, soft-hearted, “socialist” pinko wimp lefties,

For newcomers from the Third World, there are sobering lessons to learn from the plight of the old, real Original Canadians.

Canada Third WorldOur original fellow Canadians – the First Nations of Canada – are Idle No More: Finding new confident voices and a new self-belief to tackle a right-wing federal government that is mandated to be in charge of our great Rentals on Native Land.

Long been marginalised, side-lined, cast-aside and ridiculed by ‘mainstream’ Canadians, the First Nations, it seems, have had enough.

Forget technology, science and medicine. CIC wants the best steam-fitters, pipe-fitters and gas-fitters on the planet to lead Canada into the 21st century.

Federal Skilled Trades ProgramThe new occupation list for the much anticipated Federal Skilled Trades Program reads like a – ahem – pipe dream of epic proportions. May be the conservatives were missing Richard Nixon’s plumbers (remember those?) After all, Stephen Harper has won a Nixon Award!

Little things that bring big satisfaction in Canada – IV

Multiculture Loving It

This post is part of the Loving It series.

Lost and Found

The cute Chinese girl turns around and looks worried about her lost one in the crowd of hundreds thronging the Harbourfront public concert. People jostle around her, but then she spots him and waves frantically. Yes, yes, he’s coming… her tall African partner just got held up buying a Hummus platter from the Lebanese stall. She breathes a little relaxed and a beautiful smile returns to her face.

In a fast changing industrial climate, provinces and cities should have more say in determining the right skilled workforce for their economies.

Citizenship and Immigration CanadaAlthough yours truly was invited to but missed attending, the recent unveiling of Ontario’s new Immigration Strategy has had me revisit what I’ve always wondered: Why most of the, if not all, Federal Skilled Workers Program framework not handed over to provinces in order to make it more granular, sharper and effective in terms of better qualified immigrant intake.

It’s the right-wing loonies’ favourite accusation. And their hatred for immigrants is not going to stop Canada from changing. But a loony’s aversion to change is strong and hellbent, if nothing else.

Immigrant in my soupI get my fair share of ‘feedback’ from self-appointed custodians and national representatives of the Canadian lunatic fringe here on Canada Immigrant Blog. And I’m not being ‘racist’ here. Because some angry loonies are brown, yellow and black like the rest of us: the confused lot of the immigrant minority (the bizarre phenomenon I’ve called The Stupid Immigrant before.)

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